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500ml Kalkwasser (maintains calcium)


500ml Kalkwasser (maintains calcium)

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Kalkwasser (maintains calcium) It is pure calcium hydroxide with a high purity level ideal for the marine aquarium Primal seas Kalkwasser solutions maintain calcium and alkalinity, it enhances ph as well as binds phosphates which are removed by protein skimming. Never add directly to the tank, mix 2 tea spoons to 1 gallon of top up water allow to settle for 2 hours drip into the tank the clear (top section) of solution, do not allow undissolved powder to enter the tank. add when lights have gone out on your tank. Attention should be paid to the ph levels Kalkwasser stirrer recommended for dosing Monitor and Test calcium and alkalinity, adjust to correct levels. CAUTION: Caustic ,IRRITATING TO EYES. IRRITATING TO RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. IRRITATING TO SKIN. FOR AQUARIUM USE ONLY, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS.
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