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live arrival guarantee

We guarantee live arrival on all our livestock products!

Feel safe in the knowledge you are covered by us 100%

To qualify for this you must:
Accept and sign for delivery on the first attempt.

if for any reason the coral is dead in the bag or damaged in transit
Contact us within 2 hours of delivery with any issues (numbers are below with email).

some times corals will look different to the photo as they are shut from traveling in most cases they just need a little time to settle in 

If you have followed this procedure and have suffered a loss you will be given a FULL refund for the ordered items minus the shipping costs, jbsmarines do not send out replacement items unless arranged with prior agreement.
Please contact on 
Tel: 01752 241427

numbers have a voice mail, please leave your details if there is no answer

Or email us on: jbsmarines@hotmail.co.uk