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300 grams of live sand includes micro fauna,copepods life & good marine bacteria

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live sand bed pack includes 100ml of live copepods As they do in nature, the sand grain surfaces of sand beds in our systems provide the major substrate for nutrient-processing bacteria. The bacterial population is determined by three factors: the total sand surface area; the amount of nutrient available; and the number and effects of bacterial predators. All of these play a role in the development of the sand bed biological filter. Although we seldom consider bacteria when we set up our systems, they are exceptionally important to the survival of every decorative fish or coral we add to the tank. Those bacteria are the biological filter of your reef tank, and by their simple existence and growth they detoxify and remove many of the excess nutrients from the system. These bacteria are found amongst a live sand bed , this sand bed can get blocked and become ineffective over time Fortunately, prevention of sediment clumping and the simultaneous maintenance of optimal biological filter operation is easily done by the establishment of a healthy and diverse sediment dwelling fauna, or "infauna." The infauna, so-called as the FAUNA lives in the sediments, is a very diverse array group of wonder-working organismsThe infauna are "the clean-up crew" and the "reef-janitorial" staff, and the array found in a successful tank may be DIVERSE! More than 200 different species commonly are found living in a mature sand bed. These include many types of flatworms, round worms, dozens of species of bristle worms, small snails, copepods,amphopods, protozoans, and many types of small crustaceans and bacteria. We will send you a 300gram container full of live sand this sand will incorporate a selection of live organisms and bacteria to start of your new sand bed this sand is to be added to the top layer of your sand bed as not to bury any of the live animals the sand needs to be opened straight away to insure the contents remains live and does not die in the container This sand is from the top layer and is not denitrifing and contains good bateria and micro orgisims .

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