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primal seas reef buffer 500ml


primal seas reef buffer 500ml

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new additive range stocked by jbsmarines Reef buffer This product can be used for increasing Alkalinity levels in your marine aquarium and for regular ongoing Alkalinity supplementing 3g (two thirds of a teaspoon) will raise Alkalinity levels by approximately 1dKH in 100 litres of salt water. You should aim to maintain Alkalinity levels at around 8 to 10 dKH . It is not recommended to increase Alkalinity levels by more than 1dKH per day. . Simply mix the required amount into a few litres of Reverse Osmosis Water, once dissolved, slowly add to your tank in an area of high flow, preferably over a period of an hour. Alternatively add to your evaporation top up water and top up as normal CAUTION: Do not add more than the stated dose, overdosing can have adverse effects on your tank water causing PH to drop to dangerous levels. Purity min 99.5 % CAUTION: IRRITATING TO EYES. IRRITATING TO RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. IRRITATING TO SKIN. FOR AQUARIUM USE ONLY, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS.
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