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100ml live copepods pouch

100ml live copepods pouch

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100ml COPEPOD CULTURE new standard price These are found naturally in your aquarium which arrive on live rock, they are a similar size to brine shrimp and are a excellent food source for pipefish, seahorses, mandarin fish, dragonets etc, all of which eat these at a steady rate. If you replenish your system regularly you will give these a good chance of survival. They will feed on phytoplankton, detritus, and waste food so they are of great benefit to your reef system. THEY ARE ABOUT 2-3MM IN LENGHT YOU WILL RECEIVCE A 500mL BOTTLE WITH A LARGE CULTURE OF COPEPODS THEY FEED ON DETRITUS, PHYTOPLANKTON, UNEATEN FOOD THEY NEED ACLIMTISING TO YOUR WATER AS IF YOU WERE INTRODUCING A CORAL OR FISH. THEY ARE IN 1.024 SALT MIX

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