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250ML Reefsoup best all round live food

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250ml live reef soup plastic bottle  contains copepods, rotifers,Monia slaina water fleas and phytoplankton and live brine shrimp tangerine copepods mixed up in one bottle you will get a all round livefood ideal for your reef tank in one bottle CopepodsThese are found naturally in your aquarium which arrive on live rock, they are a similar size to newly hatched brine shrimp and are a excellent food source for pipefish, seahorses, mandarin fish, dragonets etc, all of which eat these at a steady rate. If you replenish your system regularly you will give these a good chance of survival. They will feed on phytoplankton, detritus, and waste food so they are of great benefit to your reef system. Acclimatise Copepods as you would fish or corals Copepods info... Copepods are free living planktonic organisms (resembling a small woodlouse) and range between 1 and 10 millimetres in length. They are capable of limited free movement by flicking their jointed limbs and antennae. This is thought to be a predatory avoidance mechanism. Their antennae also help to prevent them sinking in the water coloum THEY ARE ABOUT 2-3MM IN LENGHT Rotifers I HAVE LIVE MARINE ROTIFERS AVAILBLE, THEY ARE 1/3 RD OF THE SIZE OF NEWLY HATCHED BRINE SHRIMP. THEY HAVE BEEN REARED ON LIVE PHYTOPLANKTON TO ENSURE THE BEST NUTRIONAL VALUE THEY ARE AN EXCELLENT FOOD SOUCRE FOR MANY MARINE ANIMALS INCLUDING, HARDCORALS, SEAHORSES, SHRIMPS ETC. ONCE PURCHASED THEY MUST BE FEED INTO THE AQUARIUM OR KEEP IN A AIR RATED TANK TO BE CULTURED AND FEED PHYTOPLANKTON. ONCE IN YOUR TANK THEY WILL ADD TO THE CRITTER POPULATION UNTIL EATEN SOME MAY SURVIVE IN A REFUGUIM. A VALUEBLE ADDITION TO THE MARINE REEF TANK ONE WITH MANY BENIFITS. Brine shrimp Live Brine Shrimp are another very nutritious food which, as it's name suggests, is raised in salt water. Most fish are attracted to brine shrimp, especially marines, so this is a great all-round food. excellent source of food for you fish when enriched with phytoplankton as ours are!! MONIA SALINA WATER FLEAS AND PHYTOPLANKTON Lighting Requirements for our corals

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